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306 Main Street | Steinbach, MB

Manitoba’s only indoor, full-time, year-round, synthetic ice training facility

Goaltending is the most difficult position in all of sports! It is also the most ignored, overlooked and misunderstood, in regards to training and development of skills. Most coaches do not have the training, knowledge or ice time to develop and work one on one with their goaltender. Most often the goaltender becomes a target for other players during practice. We do not blame the coaches. They are responsible for developing and overseeing an entire team, focusing on one player is an almost impossible task.

The best possible way to properly train goaltending skills and build confidence is in full equipment with real pucks in a game type situation, one on one. We offer that one on one 'real training' at our year round Synthetic Ice Training Centre. Our programs are custom designed to meet the needs and requirements of each individual.

We offer over 1100 square feet of the highest quality synthetic ice surface (plays like the real thing) that is available year round! Our main goal is to help you become the best goaltender you can be! Whether you’re in need of some winter fine tuning or summer pre-camp rust elimination, we are always available!

Invest in people who invest in you!!

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