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Guy St Vincent 


Guy St. Vincent spent his junior days manning the crease with the Winkler Flyers and Southeast Blades from 2001-03, and then had a seven-year pro career playing in Central Hockey League (CHL)/ East Coast hockey league(ECHL) and the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL).

After his 7-year pro career ended, he returned to his hometown of Ste. Anne, MB, Canada, with his family Guy has since been hired as the goalie coach for the Steinbach Pistons (MJHL) along with multiple Eastman organizations and associations. He is still currently the goaltender for the 4th straight CSHL Champions, the Ste. Anne Aces. In addition to owning and operating TSG, he also recently invented an innovative piece of goalie equipment, BLOK, which is a silicone piece that fits onto a goalie stick to prevent finger and hand injuries caused by pucks hitting the area. BLOK is currently being used by different NHL goaltenders and teams. (For more information or to purchase, please visit: