Game Evaluation and Analysis

$75.00 CAD

Guy St-Vincent (TSG Owner and Head Goalie Instructor) will attend your game and do a personal skills evaluation & assessment of your style and overall play during one of your league games. You will receive a detailed written report. Having a qualified and experienced instructor see a goaltender in actual game action is essential and extremely beneficial in helping develop a personal 'game plan' for any goaltender. Do not underestimate the importance of a personal game evaluation as a valuable training tool.


Consulting Sessions

$30.00 CAD

We suggest regular 30 minute consulting sessions every 3 months to determine if you are on course to achieve your goals for he season.

These sessions can be invaluable in helping determine course of actions, development plans and discovering deficiencies in your strategy or workout plans.

Parents will benefit from consulting sessions as they can discuss concerns and ask any goalie related or recruiting questions.