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Synthetic Ice Rental
$45+ GST hour rental

Synthetic ice isn’t as smooth as real ice and therefore is more resistant against skate blades (friction). So this means that it takes a little more effort than skating on a real ice surface. The benefit is that it makes you work harder to skate and that will translate into an easier experience on real ice. But the degree of friction of our Synthetic Ice is less than any other product on the market making it as close to real ice as possible.


So whether you're just wanting to have FUN or trying to perfect skills on your own or with your buddies this is the place to be!  Sure if you live in Canada and you may have access to both indoor and outdoor rinks for a decent time during the year, but what about in the spring and summer?


With our synthetic ice surface combined with other tools such as danglers, passing kits or a net you can work on:

  • Skating - start/stop, turning, backwards skating

  • Stickhandling

  • Passing

  • Shooting

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